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Californians have long desired a Legal Document Preparation Company that embodies the core principals of a concierge service. It has become increasingly difficult and extremely time consuming for a person to navigate the California Judicial System on their own. Even after you spend countless hours attempting to prepare your own documents, you have to spend another full day in Court trying to file your documents.  If your documents are rejected, guess what, you start all over again. Sounds like fun right?


Other Companies have attempted to fill this void. While they will assist you in preparing your documents, they leave it up to you to file and subsequently serve your documents. You still end up confused and frustrated with the process. Prep Xpress has formulated a system that allows you to handle everything from the comfort of your home. 


Prep Xpress is California’s industry leader in Legal Document Preparation. We provide our clients with professionally prepared legal documents from the convenience of their home. We have been in business since 1996 and are well versed in the procedures and requirements of the California Courts. We offer a full “concierge” service. This means that we prepare, file, and return your filed documents to you for one low price. We can also serve the documents for you. This will allow you to complete the entire process with only the click of a button and without even leaving your house.


We also work closely with several independent attorneys that offer our clients representation on a limited scope basis. This unique and beneficial service allows our clients to prepare their documents under Prep Xpress “Pro-Per”, and bring in a professional to represent them in Court.  


Our documents are trial tested and proven throughout the State of California. Our work is guaranteed.


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