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This section provides an overview to incorporate in California as well as post-incorporation operations. There is a big difference between filing incorporation documents and incorporating your business. The procedure in California is similar to incorporation processes of other jurisdictions, but not identical. Incorporation in California takes approximately one week if done by expedited processing. By using normal methods, it takes about one month. Our Company handles the full scope of steps involved with incorporating your company, from submitting Articles to preparation of the bylaws and resolutions.

Selecting a Name for a California Corporation

The first step to incorporate is selecting the name of the company. If it is not already in use, it can be reserved at the California Secretary of State up to 60 days. By virtue of incorporating, the name is protected from being used by other corporations in California. To protect it from use by non-corporate entities, it can be registered as a trademark or service mark.

California Articles of Incorporation

Articles of Incorporation are filed with the California Secretary of State to start the incorporation process. This is the beginning of forming a corporation, but it doesn't provide structure to the entity. To form a corporation in California you have to adopt bylaws, appoint directors, execute an Organizational Action, elect officers and undertake more steps discussed below. There is a big difference between "filing Articles of Incorporation" and "incorporating in California".


why prep xpress

-Californians have long desired a Legal Document Preparation Company that embodies the core principals of a concierge service. It has become increasingly difficult and extremely time consuming for a person to navigate the California Judicial System on their own. Even after you spend countless hours attempting to prepare your own documents, you have to spend another full day in Court trying to file your documents.  If your documents are rejected, guess what, you start all over again. Sounds like fun right?


Other Companies have attempted to fill this void to no avail. While they will assist you in preparing your documents, they leave it up to you to file and subsequently serve your documents. You still end up confused and frustrated with the process. Prep Xpress has formulated a system that allows you to handle everything from the comfort of your home. 

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