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California law requires that minors must have an adult who is responsible for them unless, for instance, they are married or emancipated by a court order. There are two ways in California this can be accomplished: an informal custody arrangement or a court-appointed guardian where a court makes an order appointing a guardian.


An informal custody arrangement may only be used where there is need for an adult to be responsible for the person of a minor.  It may not be used as an alternative to a court-appointed guardianship if guardianship of a minor’s estates is needed


A court appointed guardianship is the only way to have an adult appointed as a minor’s legal guardian. You must apply in the county of the child’s residence. There are two types of legal guardianships for a minor in California guardianship of the person and guardianship of the estate.


There are two types of guardianships. One type is to appoint a guardian to care for the minor’s person. As guardian of the person, you must make arrangements to provide the minor with a safe and healthy environment.


The second type of guardianship is appointed to care for and handle the estate (finances and property) that a minor may have inherited from belonging to someone who is no longer capable of caring for and handling their own estate.



  • The judicial council forms required for your specified Court.

  • The judicial council forms needed to receive emergency orders.

  • Fee Waiver (If Applicable)

  • Court Filing 

  • Unlimited revisions for 30 days along with lifetime customer support.


4-Step process

-Simply answer a set of general questions needed in preparation of your documents. 

Prep Xpress checks your documents

thoroughly and prepares them for your signature.

-Prep Xpress does a thorough review of the data provided. We prepare the documents and forward them back to you for review and approval. 

Just sign the finished documents and you're done!

-After you review the documents to ensure accuracy, print them out and sign them. Then fax or email the signature pages back to Prep Xpress for Court filing. 

Filed Documents

-Prep Xpress will file your documents at the appropriate Court and send you a confirmation of the Court filing. 

why prep xpress

-Californians have long desired a Legal Document Preparation Company that embodies the core principals of a concierge service. It has become increasingly difficult and extremely time consuming for a person to navigate the California Judicial System on their own. Even after you spend countless hours attempting to prepare your own documents, you have to spend another full day in Court trying to file your documents.  If your documents are rejected, guess what, you start all over again. Sounds like fun right?


Other Companies have attempted to fill this void to no avail. While they will assist you in preparing your documents, they leave it up to you to file and subsequently serve your documents. You still end up confused and frustrated with the process. Prep Xpress has formulated a system that allows you to handle everything from the comfort of your home. 

Complete Online Form and Submit it. 

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